Viagra Connect:
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Buy Viagra Connect with a click

It’s simple and quick to buy Viagra Connect online. You don’t even need a prescription to buy it.

The process is straightforward and you’ll be guided through the transaction:


Select Viagra Connect as the product you want to purchase


Create an account, sign in to an existing account, or sign in as a guest


Answer a few simple questions about your general health and any medicine you might be taking


Go to the checkout and pay


A pharmacist will review your answers. If Viagra Connect is suitable for you, the transaction will be approved*

Be aware of unlicensed pharmacy sites selling counterfeit Viagra Connect

Where can I buy Viagra
Connect online?

Viagra Connect is available to buy online from our trusted partner ChemistDirect. It’s also available from many registered UK high street and independent pharmacies, or from online pharmacies.

Buy Viagra Connect from our trusted online partner, ChemistDirect

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Staying safe online and buying genuine
Viagra Connect

There are some simple checks you can carry out to ensure the online pharmacy you’re buying Viagra Connect from is legitimate, and the product you pay for is genuine.
Find out more here.


77% of men found it very
straightforward to buy Viagra Connect

Where can I buy Viagra Connect on the high street?

87% of men found it very
straightforward to buy Viagra
Connect at the pharmacy

Although buying Viagra Connect online involves being asked some simple questions to determine its suitability for you, you might prefer to have a discreet chat with your pharmacist about your erection problems (EPs) – or erectile dysfunction (ED), as doctors might call it. Pharmacists are trained to help men treat their EPs.

The pharmacist won’t give you a physical examination or ask you any personal questions about your sex life – they’ll just ask you a few questions about:

  • Your general physical health
  • Any medicine you might be taking

This is to confirm you have EPs and Viagra Connect is a suitable treatment for you.

If Viagra Connect is suitable for you:
The pharmacist will sell you a pack of Viagra Connect and advise you how to take it correctly. They’ll also advise you to visit your doctor within 6 months of your first Viagra Connect purchase. This is so the doctor can ensure you don’t have any underlying health problems.

In addition to your conversation with the pharmacist, always read the Patient Information Leaflet included in the pack.

If Viagra Connect isn’t suitable for you:
The pharmacist will recommend you visit your doctor, who can then give you a health check-up and suggest the best treatment for you.

Starting the conversation

You might be unsure about how to start the conversation about Viagra Connect. The pharmacist will be available to talk to customers, but might be in the dispensary rather than at the front counter.

If this is the case, you can tell one of the pharmacy staff you’d like to talk to the pharmacist in private. You don’t need to mention what you want to talk to them about.