In the range of 30–60 minutes. Viagra Connect works for up to 4 hours after you take it, but you must be sexually aroused for it to help you get an erection.

You are only allowed to take one Viagra Connect tablet per day.

What is the maximum number of times I can take Vaipro Max?

Some medications are incompatible with Viagra Connect. Talk to your pharmacist about any other medications you're taking.

No, Viagra Connect is only for men aged 18 and up who have erectile dysfunction.

You should seek medical advice if you take more than one Viagra Connect tablet per day.

Read the short guide above or follow the instructions in the Patient Information Leaflet included in the Viagra Connect package.

The first or second time you use Viagra Connect, it should work. Talk to your pharmacist or see your doctor if you still can't get and keep an erection after several attempts. They will be able to discuss treatment options with you, as well as any other health issues that may be contributing to your erection problems.